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Attached is the FSF application.  NEW THIS YEAR! is a tax form that needs to be filled out with the name and info for the caregiver before returning.  Missouri caregivers are able to access up to $1,000 for eligible expenses incurred after the acceptance date of the application, with the receipts received in our office by the end of May. We can pay for services used in June, as long as they are prepaid and the receipt is in our office by May 31.  

One thing we suggest is for people to buy incontinence supplies for up to a 6 month period.  Same with Boost or Ensure.  

Completed applications may be emailed to dianna@northlandsc.org, along with proof of diagnosis and the tax form. Please contact us if you have any questions!  

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Road Scholar’s Caregiver Grants


At Road Scholar, we acknowledge the weighty responsibility carried by all adults who serve as family caregivers for ill or disabled relatives.

The warm, welcoming and friendly nature of our learning adventures provide a much-needed respite from the emotional and physical demands of being a caregiver. We're committed to helping you offset the costs of arranging substitute care while you attend a Road Scholar learning adventure through our Caregiver Grants.

You’re an eligible caregiver if you are the primary unpaid caregiver providing daily care and support for an ill or disabled family member (spouse, parent, adult child, partner or sibling).

Your loved one may also be receiving home care, hospice, visiting nurse, LPN services, or comparable and related services.
Your loved one may be in adult day care, memory care, a nursing home or comparable or related facility.
You have lost a loved one within the past two years who was in any of the above situations.
You live in the United States and are 50 years of age or older.
You have not taken a Road Scholar program in the last two years.
Caregiver Grant Application

The Impact Grant Committee happily accepts fully completed applications mailed to the address listed on the application form. We ask that you allow four to six weeks for us to review your application.

Download the Grant Application here
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The Liberty Hospital Half Marathon and William Jewell 5-K presented by HyVee is the premier healthy living event in the Northland. The Liberty Hospital Foundation is asking for volunteers for the March 3 event.  If you love the outdoors and enjoy helping your fellow Northlanders, this is the place for you to put your volunteer skills to work. All proceeds from the run will go back into the community in the form of grants. Northland Shepherd’s Center (NSC) received a grant last year to help with its Liberty BreakTime Club. Therefore, when you volunteer, you’re helping NSC.

For information, visit www.libertyhospitalhalf.org, and hit the green “Register” button to select and time, location and station where you want to help. The scenic race through Liberty and Kansas City is set for March 3 starting at 8:30 a.m. The race starts and finishes at the Liberty Community Center, 1600 S. Withers Rd., in Liberty. Aid stations will be located about every 1-2 miles along the route. Volunteers will be able to pick and choose how and when they will help. At the beginning of the race, the end of the race and at points in between. You’ll have a fun and beneficial day out after being cooped up during the severe winter weather.
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Seasons Greetings from our Adventure's in Learning Christmas festivities.
For more info about the Adventures in Learning program, visit:

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And we need your help in making it special for our home-bound clients.  

If you would like to help we are accepting donations of:
Purse size Kleenex
Gift Cards ($5.00 value to Wal-Mart, CVS, or a grocery store)
Socks & gloves
Or a $10.00 donation to help fill a sack!

Donations need to be at the Northland Shepherd’s Center by Dec.1

Or if you would like to help deliver a JOY Bag please call Terry at 816-452-4536 or email terry@northlandsc.org
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NSC & Amazon have partnered with the Amazon Smile Foundation.
With each qualified purchase you make on Amazon, a proceed will benefit the Northland Shepherd's Center.
Go ahead, go on a shopping spree to help NSC!

Follow this Link to sign up!
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Northland Shepherd’s Center extends special thanks to everyone who donated to the recent Crowd Fundraising Campaign sponsored by Give65.

Because of you, we can counsel additional older adults regarding how to receive benefits to which they are entitled. One in three low-income older adults do not have enough money for groceries, medications, transportation, and housing. Your generosity will allow more Northland Older Adults to live quality lives. NSC became active in the Benefits Advocate Program in November 2010; our social worker and other specialists have helped 60+ adults receive more than $3.9 million in benefits since that time. Thank you for your generosity. Even though the campaign has ended, feel free to bring or send additional donations to NSC. You can make a  notation that your contribution is specifically for “Benefits Advocate.”
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There are many scams going around this area. Here are some of the ones we have noticed lately.

IRS SCAM: People call or email claiming to be from the IRS, saying you owe money. They say they will send they police to arrest you if you don’t pay them right now.  According to the IRS “The IRS doesn't initiate contact with taxpayers to request personal or financial information. Always keep in mind that the IRS does not threaten taxpayers with lawsuits, imprisonment or other enforcement action.”

MEDICARE SCAM: Someone knocks on your door or calls, telling you that there are changes in Medicare and you need to change your insurance. They ask for your personal information, such as Social Security number, Medicare number, or bank account information. They may tell you that you need to apply for Medicaid, and they give you an application. Again, if there are any changes you will get a letter in the mail. They will never send someone to your door.

SOCIAL SECURITY SCAM: Someone calls claiming that Social Security owes you money, either because of a grant they have or because they didn’t pay you enough. They ask for your personal information, such as Social Security number and bank account information. Again, if there are any changes you will get a letter in the mail.

SHERIFF SCAM: Someone calls claiming to be a Clay County Deputy, telling you that there is either a warrant for your arrest, or that a relative is in jail. They ask you to give them a prepaid card. According to The Sherriff’s office they have a procedure they have to follow in these situations, and they will never ask for a prepaid card or gift card.

This is what to do:

1) Ask them to send everything in writing. The government is required to send everything in writing.

2) Tell them you will take what they send you to your family or your social worker to review. If someone is trying to scam you, they will back off if they know you have help.

3) When in doubt you can call Northland Shepherd’s Center or the non-emergency police number.

4) Northland Shepherd’s Center social worker: Miranda Wilson 452-4536


1) Just because someone knows a lot about you doesn’t mean it is real. People can find lots of information about you on the internet, even if you have never used the internet.

2) If there are any changes to Medicare or Social Security, they government is required to send you a letter to let you know. They will never knock on your door.

3) The government will never demand that you give them a payment over the phone.

4)  Don’t believe someone calling saying they are going to arrest you if you don’t give them money. If there really was a warrant for your arrest, they would never call you before they try to arrest you.
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The Boards of the Northland Shepherd’s Center (NSC) and the Northland Meals on Wheels (NMOW) are pleased to announce that they have merged. The combining of the two organizations enhances and strengthens the services and commitment to the Northland seniors.

The Northland Meals on Wheels has operated since 1973 and has been an immeasurable aid to the clients they serve.  We welcome Ellen Hoyt, MOW Coordinator, Michelle Bond, MOW Assistant Coordinator and the 150 + faithful Northland Meals of Wheels volunteers to the NSC family.  

We look forward to Working and Growing Stronger Together.
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NSC Bar-B-Q & Barn Dance was held on June 9 at Oak Park High School.  
The weather was beautiful, the food was great and fun was had by all.  
There was 258 NSC and Northland Meals on Wheels Volunteers and their families in attendance.


NSC would like to give a “Special Thanks” to:
Sheriff Mark Owen & the Platte County Sheriff’s Department
Kansas City Police Department
Mounted Patrol & Swat Team & Van
NSC Line Dancers
Melissa & Company Band