Exciting Partnership announced - Northland Hired Hands

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A new service in Clay County to assist homeowners in hiring help for home maintenance or other skilled labor is underway. Northland Hired Hands is taking applications for individuals or small companies that want to work for homeowners that need hired help with home maintenance, yardwork/landscaping, carpentry, plumbing, and other jobs.
The program is being developed through a partnership between the Clay County Sheriff’s department, Northland Shepherd’s Center, and Clay County Senior Services.  
The Clay County Sheriff’s Dept approached the partners about the program idea out of concern for the the number of citizens that fall victim to home maintenance scams and citizen’s  general lack of trust of randomly hiring an individual or company they may not have experience with.  This program will help homeowners find reliable and trustworthy people to hire.  

Anyone interested in becoming a Northland Hired Hand must complete the initial application, pay a $50.00 fee to cover registration, and must complete a background check.  Once accepted the helpers will be pictured on the website www.NorthlandHiredHands.com with a list of duties and skills they can perform.  The homeowner may access the list at no charge.  All costs for the repairs are arranged between the hired hands and the homeowner.